Consistency between product flows

Samet Özkale
1 min readNov 30, 2022


The easiest part of the job is adding new features to your product probably.

We’ll talk about one of the most challenging parts of today’s product: Managing the product flows.

You will face three main costs if your product flows are not balanced; learning costs, wrongproduct data impacting actual analytics, and development costs.

Here’s how we managed to achieve this incredibly difficult balance in Producter.

  1. Outline your product flow sequence and draw a simple diagram
  2. Compare your first flow with your second product flow
  3. Revise the base product flow you will need to iterate them together
  4. Document all your decisions about how our team creates a flow
  5. Analyze and compare the product analytics periodically

Even if you create your product flows based on the same structure, changes added on the way can differentiate it. That’s why you need to design a constant control mechanism.

Trust me this is one of the best you can do for your product!

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Originally published at on November 30, 2022.